Wednesday, May 15
Royston, Hertfordshire


Trophy Frustration

Hello everyone and welcome to my latest update.

The 'Injury crisis' continued and we had one of our biggest games of the season so far at home to Witham in the Trophy! Personally I felt very frustrated about the situation, as I'm sure the lads involved were!

To have so many, so quickly pull out was devastating although not irretrievable so we had to grin and bear it. We still had a strong eleven, so as long as we didn't pick up any more injuries we could at least compete!

Just to put you all in the picture, although we had a full quota of subs the only one who was completely fit was Conner. The others all had something wrong but in fairness to them were willing to go on the bench. Lockie still had a tight hamstring. Endo, his groin. Ryan Wharton was in immense pain from his broken toe. so you could see how powerless I felt when needing to change things.

After the game I really was in two minds over the outcome. We didn't play well especially in their final third. We didn't come up with enough quality and didn't test their defence. That said I could not fault their endeavour and their willingness to keep going. This group of players are a honest bunch and knew they hadn't performed but their attitude to keep the tie alive considering all the negative circumstances around it I thought was admirable. Fair play to Witham. They showed more quality than us in the final third but I certainly didn't think they were any great shakes and probably had we been able to put a couple of fresh, fit lads on we may have nicked it or at least forced a draw. Please don't get me wrong I'm not criticising any of the subs who did come on. It was a real risk to put both Lockie and Endo on because neither had trained before the game so both were a gamble. I thought both did well considering everything!

So regarding the first team on to the league and North Greenford. Fingers crossed on lads recovering in time!

Lastly a big well done to our Youth team managed by Liam McDevitt. They have now progressed to the second round of the FA youth Cup!! Brilliant achievement lads but don't stop ! Try to keep going!! Tottenham at home in the third round please!!