Sunday, July 14
Royston, Hertfordshire


Welcome Back!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my series of Blogs, meant to keep everybody abreast of events at Royston both on and off the pitch.

Plenty of comings and goings as per a normal football club, some expected, some not. All done with the greater good in mind, to try to progress in ability and stature of Royston Town Football Club!

Now to welcome our new signings.
– Chris Assombalonga: A lad I’ve been after for a while now.
– Ben Martin: A giant of a man and player.

There are 3 “New” lads who need little introduction. Jhai Dillon, Spyros Mentis and James Potton, all have been with us previously. For different reasons left the club but now looking to reinforce their undoubted ability to help us this season. There’s also Vance Bola, a front player with impressive pace and strength.

There may be a few others to add between now and the start of the season but for now that’s my small introduction.

The games although mainly for fitness have gone well, most look extremely fit and ready, we need to have a little bit of luck by not picking injuries up and our match sharpness will come.