Youth Match Report: 110911 U13 v Berkhampstead Raiders Youth (County Cup)



Sunday 11th September 2011


Berkhampstead Raiders Youth v Royston Town Youth Colts


U13 County Challenge Cup


Lost 5-2

Now the dust has settled we can take a more objective view of Sunday’s match.

Nobody least of all me likes to lose football matches, however in Berkhamsted we came up against an opponent who not only have been together for a number of seasons but are one of the top teams in the West Herts League, only losing out on the Division 1 title be a few points last term. With that in mind we shouldn’t beat ourselves up too much because we lost, but strive to improve in certain areas, (also how many 6ft 12-13 years olds have you met, and they had TWO).

We aren’t too far behind in terms of skill and ability but we do not have the belief in ourselves.

In my opinion as individual players the difference was small, but football is a team game and all those small things add up.

You are all good individual players, but as yet we are not a complete team, that will take time and hard work, but we WILL get there that am sure of.

Keep your chin up lads, it was the first time we had all been together, we need to remember how defeat felt, learn from it and move on.

The next game will soon be along and we need to be ready.