Youth Match Report: Shephall v U12 Crows 141012



Sunday 14th October 2012


Royston Town Youth v Shephall Youth


Royston Crow Youth Football League U12 Division 3


Lost 1-7

Royston Scorers


Man of Match

Nathan, Lathan


A better performance against the top of the league side.
At 1-1 Crows looked the better side for a time but Shephall made no mistakes and stood strong having again played 11 aside for a whole season.
Crows made the mistakes and paid dearly for it.
Shephall grew and grew in confidence and at 3-1 crows were beaten and the other goals were immaterial.
With praise coming from both Shephall managers and parents Crows need to push on and keep believing as it will happen.