Youth Match Report: U11 Diamonds v Bedwell Rangers Cougars 110312



Sunday 11th March 2012


Royston Town Youth Diamonds v Bedwell Rangers Cougars


Royston Crow Youth Football League U11 9v9


Lost 0-3

Man of Match

Mick (Tricky, Fast, Creative & Dangerous)

A tough game as Diamonds laying 3rd in the league and Cougars 2nd but also having 2 games in hand making the Diamonds the underdogs for the day. If anyone had told me we would be third with 4 games to go at the start of the season I would have taken that.
The strength in Cougars soon became apparent and Diamonds found they were in for a busy morning.
Diamonds though should come to realise that while growing as a team they can on their day match and beat any team in this league if they all pull together.
The first half was not a pretty one as neither team had the time on the ball they would have liked. The passing Diamonds have begun making their game was no where to be seen and to be fair Cougars would not give them time to do so. As with the Hearts last week our opponants were first to the ball, and we have to learn from this that if we wait for the ball they willl take it off us.
On the other hand while defending Diamonds were strong and got bodies in the way, but (there is always a but) they went back to panicking and not clearing the lines without air shots turning the back and ducking away. Calm down and watch the ball onto your head or foot, easy for me to say yes but until last week they had done it.
Going in at half time at 0-0 The Diamonds were still well in the game both teams having had good chances but not finishing.
Diamonds attacking early on in the second half had a shot saved and Cougars keeper quickly cleared and after two or three passes through midfield caught Diamonds on the break and Bradley in goal came out and was lobbed by the Cougars striker. 0-1
Diamond found it harder and harder to get out of their half and reverted to long balls that no one could get to and Cougars again had the ball on the attack.                                                                
Very pleasing throughout the game was that Diamonds now attack the long ball from the keeper and when possible don't let it bounce. Get anything on it but don't let it through.Thats training time well spent.
Cougars scored again but now Diamonds were not giving up as would have happened earlier in the season. The shape of the team now lost so unfortunately attack was sporadic and with not enough players getting forward as understandably did not want to let any more goals in. One of the Cougars players started playing mind games with the Diamonds using language and bulling tactics that did upset one or two. Its a shame but we have to toughen up and ignore this and beat them with our football.
The third goal although I think harsh on a Diamonds side that now were rattling the Cougars with tough tackles and one or two late ones. A corner well taken and not cleared fell on the foot of a Cougars player on full volley giving Brad no chance. Sometimes you have to say that was just a great goal.
It was all over at 0-3 not a bad mornings football if we learn from it. We need to keep calm keep our shape and get the passing going again. When we play our game we get the opposition on the back foot and sometimes the best line of defence is attack. Any way on to next week and a league cup semi final against Cougars again that is within our reach if we turn up and compete. Good luck boys and enjoy your football.