youth Match Report: U13 League Cup Final Royston Town Youth Colts v Histon Hornets 050513



Sunday 5th May 2013


Histon Hornets v Royston Town Youth Colts


Cambridge & District Colts League U13 League Cup Final


Won 0-5

Royston Scorers

Jordan 2, Mick 2, Callum

Man of Match

Kyle – Great persistent defending and running all match

Keiran – Influential in all positions – superb ball play and vision

Cupwinners – George, Joe, Tom, Kyle, Olly, Jake, Callum, Keiran, Jordan, Adam, Mick, Jonah, Lewis.


This highly anticipated League Cup Final against Histon Hornets was to be played on a hot and sunny afternoon on the pitch at The Cambridge Stadium. As much as this is the League’s home ground it has to be said that it was disappointing that this Under 13 showpiece was played on a full size pitch with full size goals not in line with FA recommendations at this age level.


The disappointment ended there – the terrific Royston boys put in a display of total football of dogged defending and exciting and flowing forward movement and chance creation against a resilient, but skilfully inferior, Histon team who based their own game on long ball tactics and had no real answer for the determination and ability of this special squad of players.


Our preparation was concentrated and tailored to the hot conditions and the boys whilst warming up well appreciated the coolness of the changing rooms. The boys approached the game in their own ways – some quiet, some noisy and some with steel nerved confidence. We asked the boys to play their usual game on this big pitch, create chances, compete for everything and more in the midfield and to watch the speedy Histon front line like hawks. All the boys were great.


George – Called upon three times to make crucial top quality saves, the best being a deflection/tip over from a fierce on target drive from the left. Well deserved clean sheet and without doubt his best displays between the posts for his team to date.


Tom – Versatile Tommy started at right back and despite marking a speedy left winger coped really well. Carrying an injury he bravely came back on when needed late in the game to keep the pressure on the Histon defenders.


Joe – Showing great energy with good overlapping runs and covering back all game with no sub rest. Good marking on his own player and always keen to link up with the forward surges and attacks. Fantastic match from the ever dependable Joey.


Kyle – one of the men of the match – staying on all game showing tremendous fitness and concentration in the heat. Kyle was unbeatable in both his natural positioning and his one on one clean marking and tackling and his accurate and firm forward passing. Didn’t put a foot wrong.


Olly – Another great game from the Ollster – again defending brilliantly against fast tricky attackers, winning almost all his headers, carrying on despite an early knock and doing a great job for his team. Particularly dangerous at set pieces and always moving intelligently.


Adam – Another superb game from the technically superb Adam. Showing good skill on the ball his sheer determination is a lesson to all of us. Knock him down and he bounces up twice as strong defying the fact he is a year younger than most of this team. Great performance.


Jordan – Big players win big games and Jordan never disappoints in the big cup games. His speed, work rate going forward creates for himself many chances on goal and when he shoots he seems to always want to puncture the ball and bust the net. Jordan’s goal celebrations make this football a joy to be involved in.


Callum – On this big pitch and in the heat Callum’s box to box game was tested – but he didn’t disappoint. Involved in everything – defence and attack, the big man was everywhere. A real captain’s total performance. In this match the superb crunching tackle to set up our fifth goal was only equalled by his smile lifting the cup.


Jake – Brilliant perseverance and determination from Jake today, winning lots of good loose ball in the middle, mopping up around Callum and always looking for and usually finding the perfectly weighted pass forward to bring the wingers and strikers into the game.


Keiran – This guy gets better and better. Keiran is a real high quality footballer who seems to have more time than others on the ball. Spreading the passing about with ease he opens up defences at will and his dead-ball delivery is second to none at this level. Keiran was joint man of the match.


Mick – Started full on trying a bit too hard. His total will to do well for his team and his coaches is unquestionable. Relaxing a bit after a brief rest he came back on and showed the skill and game play of the brilliant player he is – terrorising the Histon defenders and bringing his team-mates into the game whenever he could. Mick’s second goal would grace any pitch.


Jonah – Came on in first half at right back and totally bossed his player showing what a really good player he is. Jonah was not 100% well today coming down with illness later in the day – but you wouldn’t have guessed that while he was on the pitch. Commitment like that to your team cannot be coached. Well done mate.


Lewis – Lewis had a really good game with his speedy style of play, closing down, making a nuisance of himself, always in good positions and keen to do well. A great asset for any coach to have in his squad and Lewis never lets us down.


Goal 1 – Good pressure brought a corner that Keiran delivered dangerously bounced out low to Callum who stooped to conquer firing a well directed low header back into the net.


Goal 2 – From open play supported by Jake, Keiran spotted the right wing run of Jordan and slotted through a low killer pass for Jordan to chase onto and power home low past the Histon keeper.


Goal 3 – Again from Keiran – this time from a deeper position on the right – following some great team football, he fired a low accurate pass through to Mick who shot firmly and coolly home.


Goal 4 – Tricky feet by the increasingly lively Mick, firm pass to Keiran who looked up and crossed to back post for Jordan to finish from close range.


Goal 5 – Absolutely great tackle from Callum who fed the ball to Mick who hit a perfect flying power blast unstoppable shot smashing into the back of the net.


With the four goals in the first half and the icing on the cake with the tremendous fifth goal in the second half the Royston boys deservedly won the Cup. Histon never gave up and battled well throughout – but being held up by the top quality defending and the amazing concentrated goal-keeping from George who was definitely busier in he first half but saw his defenders do the hard protective work in the second half.


The smiles on the faces at the end was great to see and Andy, Keith and myself are nothing but proud of all of our boys. Thanks for all the tremendous support both for all the team and us coaches.