Development Plans

We are aiming to create the best football club in this area and that means working hard to make sure we have plans in place to develop the Club both on and off the pitch. Summarised below are some of the key developments which will help take the Club into what promises to be an exciting new era.

  • The Club has been Meridian School’s principle partner in successfully securing Football Foundation Funding for a full size all weather football pitch. The facility was first opened in September 2009 and all training throughout the Club takes place there.  As part of the funding the post of Sports Development Officer has been created who will be working closely with the Club to implement our Football Development Plan.
  • From 2008 the Club worked to bring the facilities up to Step 4 Standard of the National Non League Pyramid and this was achieved in April 2012 and neatly coincided with our Championship winning season and promotion to the Southern League Central Division. We will continue to develop the facilities in preparation for Step 3.
  • Our longer term aim is to try to relocate the Club to a new ground on the outskirts of the town. This would give us the opportunity to create a brand new facility capable of supporting promotion to Step 2 and Step 1. The process of trying to locate a suitable and available site is on-going and will take some considerable time to achieve.