Thursday, May 16
Royston, Hertfordshire


A Brilliant Day For The Crows!


A brilliant day for the crows, not only winning again but this time a 6-0 win and a good performance to match.

Aylesbury were up beat due to their 4-1 win last week and were fighting for their lives to remain in our league.

They came across a Crows team full of determination and Aylesbury never got a foot hold in the match, with us not only on the front foot but threatening their goal from the start. Our only slight disappointment was that we weren’t more ahead at half time – 2-0, but with the amount of chances we should have been out of sight.

So 2nd half and on a tricky surface we toiled a little but the 3rd goal put us firmly back on top and from there we never looked back!

Special mention to our new signing in Scott Neilsen. Scott has come to us from Hemel. He wasn’t happy there and we agreed that he comes down to see how he feels about us! Scott started and performed admirably, scoring 2!

Another mention is for Martel Powell. Martel has previously been the one when surfaces have not been good, has stepped down due to me thinking his undoubted talent sometimes gets curtailed by the poor conditions. Boy he has proved me wrong. Not only today but last Tuesday his play was outstanding and special praise due to him.

We are very close to our goals for the season, the title, so close it’s painful!!

I thought that this weekend would be a pivotal one. Us winning and Farnborough playing away to a good Kempston team which was a tricky tie. We did our part, but with the postponement of their fixture Farnborough can still get to 97 points. My hope was that we kept winning up to the Farnborough match, them drop points against Kempston and we could go over there and win the title!!

All ifs and buts!

I know I’m boring by saying again 1 game at a time but as said for me to win it sooner would be great.