Friday, July 19
Royston, Hertfordshire


A Great Response

A very happy manager reporting in tonight after a convincing win against Potters Bar.

A great response from the lads after 2 extremely poor performance’s. It takes a hell of a lot of character to bounce back like that and the manner we did it in made it especially pleasing.

A few hard choices had to be made by me, helped by my ever reliable staff. Notably leaving Jack Bradshaw,Simon Thomas and Martel Powell out of the starting line up! Harsh on all three lads but I felt that bringing in Stu Bridges, Erkan Okay and Rob Mason would “Freshen” things up.

No disrespect towards the lads left out, all have been superb but not in my opinion “At it” to the level I wanted.

My hope is that all of these players take it in the right way and when given another opportunity respond in the right way!

All the players involved know that high levels are expected. We need the whole squad to achieve what we all want.

A different slant was put on tonight’s talk in as much that we said all we could do now is win our remaining games and hope that Kings Langley “Slip up”.

We know that the expectancy that being top and staying there brings its own pressure, so if we can win our games and heap the intensity onto them then great!

Added to this was our own agenda of “Worse ways” go into the play off’s in a good run of form.

Exciting times!!

We need your support, whether it be in play off’s or League fixtures!!

Just a last mention of the substitutions done tonight. They were done because of injury and tiredness of all the boys. Frates had hurt his shoulder, Rob Mason’s hamstring was extremely tight and Stu Bridges was “Stiffening up” because of lack of recent matches. Supporters are not always privy to this information so it’s understandable that frustration is shown. I try to do the best I can for the team and the squad in general. I’m the first to admit I don’t always get it right but it’s always done with the best intentions for the club and the team especially!