Friday, May 17
Royston, Hertfordshire


Keep Striving & Believing

Not a good day for all of us involved at the club.

Nerves, pressure, anxiety, whatever excuses we could come up with doesn’t hide fact we have let ourselves down once again!!!

We set up with a lopsided 4-4-2. Martel Powell getting his chance just behind Simon Thomas, with Rhys Hoenes on the left and Ryan Towner on the right.

For some reason we chose to play a direct game and although as always we do like to stretch the play early on, we continued the theme for a lot longer than I wanted!

It took us ages to actually get the ball down and create real chances.

0-0 half time. We wanted “Calmer” heads on the pitch. Ryan Ingrey replaced Towns so a more attacking threat could be taken to a very defensive looking Godalming team.

Although we looked slightly better going forward, the elusive goal was still yet to come.

We were the only team looking to win the match but as cruel as football is, they scored with probably one of their only real efforts at goal. To be fair, great finish but an uphill task was made even harder!

We huffed and puffed but to no avail. A real kick in the preverbials for us!!

As mentioned in my last blog, the same thing applies. We have to go again! Four games, four wins and fingers crossed that Kings Langley slip up along the way.

A tough ask but while we still have chance we have to keep striving and believing!

It’s not a time to feel sorry for one another but a time for strong characters to “Step up” and perform.