Tuesday, April 16
Royston, Hertfordshire


A Wake-Up Call

The lads and I owe everyone involved with the club an apology for our dismal display tonight at Egham.

The match started brightly enough for us with some bright play and deservedly went 1-0 up with yet another Jack Bradshaw penalty.
Unfortunately that was our high point of the evening because after that it all went downhill rapidly!!

We suddenly seemed nervous and unsure of ourselves and although we kept the lead until halftime, I for one was happy to see the break come.

Some choice words were said by me as well as from themselves on our performance. We knew we should be doing better.

Into the 2nd half but nothing really changed. Too many individual mistakes lead to poor team play and although Egham weren’t exactly ripping us apart, their final third quality was far better than ours.

Egham eventually got themselves level and then a penalty against us was awarded and they deservedly went 2-1 up.

A couple of changes from us and a different formation was implemented in the hope that we could get back into things but to no avail.

Egham got another and a thoroughly bad night was in store for us!

No excuses. We were terrible! From the 15th minute onwards we were just not at it!

Unbelievably due to Kings Langley’s draw against Fleet the title is still in our own hands. The players need to use tonight as a massive “Wake up” call.

Tension, nerves, whatever has to be dealt with and overcome quickly!!

The talent is there, we all know that. Calmer heads and regular bouts of quality will bring back the belief.

At the moment as said its still down to us. We need to “Dust ourselves down” and go again.

Keep the faith everyone please!!