Saturday, July 20
Royston, Hertfordshire


A Real Boost

An extremely happy manager reporting in tonight on a 2-0 win against league leaders Kings Lynn. Hard fought but deserved in my opinion.

Our preparations were somewhat hampered with news that Joe Welsh, Lee Chappell, Josh Castgilione and Daniel Brathwaite were all unavailable for the game due to injury. Four regular 1st teamers all missing.

So many choices to make it wasn’t easy. I enquired about Gk’s and was offered several but all on loan and that would mean a loan of minimum 28 days. No disrespect to our Gk coach Mason Tewkesbury but he has limited experience in playing although never letting us down but still a gamble to an extent. Fair play to him he rose to the challenge and put in an exemplary performance to show everyone including me his abilities and give me a tough choice come next Saturday.

The other big choice was to put Romelle Alomenu in the left back spot instead of the experienced Lee Chappell. Romelle has probably been frustrated with his limited opportunities and has had to be patient to get his chance.

Romelle stepped up to the plate and performed admirably to yet again give me another selection headache come Saturday.

Stu Bridges and Ryan Ingrey both came in to the fold and again done their ambitions of a regular 1st team berth no harm by performing well.

Lastly Jack Vasey partnering Adam Marriott up front in an unusual formation but one all the lads are familiar with.

Different Formations are all the rage at the moment and we are no different. For us we have an agenda behind our thinking( we’ll keep that to ourselves) but whatever way we play it is essential that “Basics” are done. Tonight the basics were done and well done to all the boys for that.

The result although only 3 points was psychologically a real boost. To beat a team “Flying” in the league is a real confidence boost for us, hopefully it will give our lads the belief that we can compete with anyone in this level. We are finding our feet and will have dips but if the work rate remains the same we will give teams a contest week in week out.

So Braintree in the cup Saturday. A team in a level higher than us so a really tough match to play. We need to take all the confidence gained from tonight’s encounter and go into it buzzing!!

Well done lads tonight! You made us all very proud of you all!!