Wednesday, July 17
Royston, Hertfordshire


Somewhat Harsh

We now know the level to be obtained if we are to compete at this level.

Today over the 90 mins we didn’t quite reach it but hopefully with a bit of tweaking we will not be far off as soon as we can.

Not all doom and gloom and a great start from us was very encouraging but the tempo of our play dropped considerably after we took the lead and let Hereford take more control of proceedings and unfortunately the equaliser was on the cards.

The first half was closely fought and up to the second half penalty decision there was little difference between the teams.

The penalty was given, some may say harshly but I have no complaints, from there on in we had to push it and probably played into a very confident Hereford team’s hands who added to their tally and gave them a convincing victory which was somewhat harsh on us.

A big learning curve for us. For me a bit more belief especially in front of goal is needed as well as giving the opposition less respect when they are in possession of the ball. We need to contest with more intensity than we are at present.

Small things but essential to rectify our downfalls. Curable and as said the confidence and belief will reemerge quickly.