Saturday, July 20
Royston, Hertfordshire


A saying in football

“What goes on in the dressing room, stays in the dressing room!”  I will keep to that tradition but will say, some choice words said but this time not from yours truly!

The players are in my opinion under-performing. There is so much talent within the group and just little glimpses of this quality is not enough!

One such glimpse resulted in our only goal with good quick football ending up with Sam Ives bundling over the line from a Josh Castiglione cross.

Our first bit of quality and the hope after that was the boys settled down and play like we all know they can.

Too many unforced errors occurred, it is confidence sapping, not only to the individual but to the team as a whole.

It’s a issue that isn’t uncommon but needs addressing. We have a strategy for it but sometimes it gets overlooked. It’s not a secret. “Simple play” sounds quite straight forward and it is in theory.

It’s only my thoughts but for me human nature kicks in!! Our players have a tremendous amount of ability and at times when it’s not going their way I feel they force the issue and try that bit harder and “over-do” things or take too long to execute their play subsequently getting themselves in a downward spiral of performance.

A quick turnaround with an away match against Hitchin on Monday. This will be a test against last year’s play-off contenders.

An opportunity to “Wipe the slate clean” and get back to winning ways!

Cheers SC