Monday, July 15
Royston, Hertfordshire


Another step!

The players took another step towards our main goal of winning the League.  Not a massive step but still going in the right direction against our nearest and only rival to contest the Southern League Central title (there I said it!) An unusually erratic performance from us, on the positive, going ahead early on but on a negative some really bad defending letting Farnborough not only back into the game but got themselves in front.

2-1 and we couldn’t complain. In general we weren’t at the races. Too many individual battles lost all over the pitch.

We got the lads in at half time and honestly tried to get us back on course.

Unfortunately we still struggled, very little football played from us but we did manage to equalise and on a day where we were below par, I for one would have taken that and got out of there.

Still more drama to come. Joe Welsh who has simply been magnificent this year made a very rare mistake letting Farnborough score another. 3-2 to the home team and time running out!

All season these wonderful lads have shown great resilience in nearly all the games and in the 93rd minute Scott Bridges struck a central free kick goal bound, not one of Scott’s best but on target all the same. Their Gk made a hash of the save and we got out of jail by nicking a draw!

3-3. We will play a lot better and have done but the point is vital, probably the most important thing was that Farnborough didn’t get maximum points.

They now can only get to 95 points and with us being on 91 now, 2 more wins and we have it!

For my part we need to get back into the groove quickly. Get our physicality back, compete like we have done and show our undoubtably brilliant talent more often and we should get over the line.