Friday, May 17
Royston, Hertfordshire


A Convincing 4-0 Win!

Nice to see a few more supporters at Garden Walk today to see us progress further to our ultimate goal this season. A convincing 4-0 win got us to 90 points but with Farnborough winning themselves we have to go there and win and then get one more win from 6 games!

When broken down like that it sounds very achievable and it is in theory but as long as we keep the same approach and treat every game with the utmost respect we should be fine.

Recent results have been very encouraging, we want to carry it on till the end of the season. Not only are we looking for 100+ goals but also 100+ points.

The boys have done brilliantly so far and yes the ultimate aim is the big “T” but to add extra incentives it can refocus them to play every match in the manner they should be played regardless of league position.