Saturday, July 20
Royston, Hertfordshire


Apologies for the late blog!!!

A late blog in regards to Saturday’s game but I believe when I explain why the ” Excuse” will be sufficient.

On Thursday I went into have a knee operation, long overdue but annoying it had to be done during the season where I had originally arranged for it to be done in the Summer.

Hence the reason for the lack of a report on a game I wasn’t at and have no views other than fellow staffs opinions.

A great result nonetheless. A 4th straight win is very encouraging and can give all of us the belief we can more than compete at this level.

We are a different team to last year. Arguably more experienced but maybe not as athletic as we were last season.

There are many ways to play this great game of ours (tactically) and although I am a lover of a high press, it can only be done if the press starts “Up top”

Our main front 2 are tremendous players who both have an eye for goal but asking them to work extra to press ALL THE TIME isn’t going to work. They will have to be selective in their press and the midfield will have to follow suit.

So with me not being in the dugout, the main responsibility lays with Chris.. I have no qualms with any decision he makes. I know whatever he decision it will be a thought out choice that he will believe is for the best for the team and club in general.