Wednesday, July 17
Royston, Hertfordshire


Disappointing is an Understatement!

Firstly apologies to everyone for the lack of blogs recently. Not intended, because win lose or draw my intention is to give an honest and up to date version of things on a regular basis.

Only a week since the last blog but plenty to report on what has probably been one of the worst weeks in my tenure at the club!

Three losses, out of the FA Cup and no points is a rarity to say the least and disappointing is an understatement!

The fact that we have continued in having lads sent off in two out of the three games played has had a huge impact on our negative results. To say they were deserved sending offs is not for me to publicly state but the fact they have mostly affected the subsequent results is of real concern to everyone at the club.

It needs addressing and it will be. However harsh or unjust it really doesn’t matter but the boys need to know it will not be tolerated.

What is important is that EVERYONE stays together. We need to get ALL our feelings/thoughts out of the way. A meeting has been arranged for Thursday before training. My hope is all views are exchanged, mine, Chris’s and more importantly the players so we can come up with a way forward.

I will as will Chris look at ourselves before apportioning any blame. The buck stops at the management and although recent times before this period have all been mostly positive we now need to look at everything we are doing, assess it and come up with a way forward that we will all back.

Sounds dramatic but not really. Honesty for me is always the best policy. I’d like to think that we have a group of players that match our belief.

So to everyone reading this most recent blog, hopefully it will come across that we all care passionately about the club and will do everything in our power to turn this poor run around and get back to the team we know we can be quickly!!