Monday, July 15
Royston, Hertfordshire


Happy New Year and Roll On 2018!!

A great result to review today. 3-0 against a high placed Tiverton team was probably one of our most pleasing performances this season thus far.

0-0 at half time and us being against the wind in the first half but with our positive play we were unlucky not to go in ahead.

If I have had one constant “Gripe” throughout this campaign is that we play well in spells and not the duration of the match. Not today, a solid first half display was followed by a real “Front foot” positive 45 in which some superb passages of play were rewarded with excellent finishes and a comprehensive win!!

So many good performances from all the boys, including subs.

It was one of our many games in hand for us, so a climb in the table was most deserved.

On to a “Local” Derby on New Years Day for us against Bishop’s Stortford. As local as it is for you guys it is my area that I have lived for the last 20 years so extremely local for me!

I recently went to their game against Hitchin and to be honest Stortford looked OK, although losing 3-0, they possessed loads of energy and enthusiasm. A young team but gaining experience I’m sure that they will start to get positive results. That is after they have played us though – LOL!!

Lastly I would like to thank you all for all your support in 2017!! The staff are really appreciative. It has been a great year, one where we have won a title by accumulating over 100 points and then gone into the league higher and proved we can compete at that level.

It is fantastic to see more at home games, it would be even better if we could increase it more. For that we have to do our part on the pitch. Hopefully we can and even more great days/night at Garden Walk.

To everyone an early Happy New Year and roll on 2018!!!