Monday, May 20
Royston, Hertfordshire


It’s In Our Own Hands Now

Another fantastic day for us. Not only the great result against our near rivals but also the other games going our way also!!

The boys showed a superb level of professionalism on a tricky pitch. Not a great start but a match where bar one save Ron Yates was never stretched. The first half pretty much uneventful other than a fantastic free kick from Scott Bridges to put is 1-0 up.

We really moved into gear in the 2nd half. We toyed with changing our shape to match theirs but a joint decision from us all come up with choice of a slight tactical change and it seemed to work brilliantly!!

Special plaudits to the “Backroom staff” Lance Keys, Scott Taylor, Danny Gibson and of course Chris Watters. All have tremendous advice for me to make a valued decision that hopefully is to the benefit of the team. Cheers lads it’s greatly appreciated!

8 games left, 8 wins gets us there! Let’s hope it’s that easy but somehow the history of this season suggests drama to the end!

For me the fact it’s in our own hands now is the most pleasing!

The players are out tonight. Have a good one boys, I’ll skip this one and wait till the end of the season. Who knows eh we could have something to celebrate!!