Monday, April 15
Royston, Hertfordshire


Keep The Faith

Welcome to another blog.

I'm trying to keep them coming regularly and this time of year that isn't a problem but when everything is back to normal work-wise for me it gets hard to keep up!

Last night saw us get our first point of the season by drawing with Barton Rovers 1-1.

We are not quite there at the moment. Too many lads not hitting their usual high standards!

I firmly believe that if we can calm down collectively especially on the ball and particularly in front of goal we will be fine. Confidence in football is so important. I think by retaining the ball and producing good positive play especially early in games creates confidence which ultimately leads to good performances both individually and collectively.

At this moment in time we are trying too many "Million Dollar" balls to try to score! We need to move the ball more and quicker.
Trust each other with the ball. Don't look to force things and let them happen. It will but not if we get anxious and take it upon ourselves to go "Win Games"

Patience is needed by all!

Our quality is not in doubt but our decision making sometimes leave a lot to be desired.

I believe and I'm sure the lads feel the same that we are not far off. Even as early in the season as now it's always great to play the League leaders!

And in Northwood we have that on Sat.

Keep the faith lads and supporters alike. We will be ok!!