Thursday, July 18
Royston, Hertfordshire


Pre-Cambridge Utd Blog

[Editor’s Note: Steve Castle wrote this Blog entry prior to the news of Will Norris’ well deserved move to Wolverhampton Wanderers broke – well done Will – all the best from all Crows!]

Hello and welcome back to all “Crows” fans and tonight everyone connected to Cambridge United Football Club.

I know first hand what a great club it is and we are very grateful for the players and staff making the short journey to come to play us

There will be one lad that will definitely know his way to the ground in Will Norris. I only had the privilege to have Will play for me a couple of times but that was long enough for me to find out what a good goalkeeper he is but not only that, what a good pro he would be.

As for the “Crows” it may seem that all has been quiet because we have not had any real announcements to make but nothing could be further than the truth. Steve Jackson has worked tirelessly to reinforce our playing staff. Hasn’t been easy but we can now announce the signings of Lee Chappell, Sam Corcoran and James Potton. We welcome you boys.

All three lads have already impressed in training, all have played at our new level and higher and are extremely good players, yet again lads we welcome you into the fold.

As for our players from last year, hopefully we will have a big percentage stay. Most have been back and look fit and sharp, others for various reasons have not. As pre-season progresses things will settle down even more and players hopefully will choose Royston to play their football.

Last Saturday was our first practice match at Barkway. The young lads mixed in with the senior players to produce a hard fought exercise which benefited everyone involved.

At this time of the season there are plenty of players coming to us as trialists, thus far the standard has been high. They will get their opportunities although they may have to be patient to show their worth.

This pre-season there will be plenty of games to watch and starting tonight with a very tough start against League 2 opposition. A bit too early in preseason for me but fully understand Cambridge’s situation and that they will want stronger opposition later in their preseason but for us we are quiet happy to have our neighbours over whenever.

Enjoy the game.