Thursday, May 16
Royston, Hertfordshire


The Journey Starts!

Our first pre-season match tonight against strong League 2 opposition in our near neighbours, Cambridge United.

A 4-1 loss sounds on paper a resounding loss but with all the variables taken into account probably a true reflection on where both teams are at in their respective preparations.

We, having only three sessions together are in the very early stages of our campaign, missing certain 1st team players and also looking at trialists we’re certainly under-strength but in my opinion gave an admirable show, whilst our rivals being full time are well into their preparations and with several matches under their belt were more comfortable in all aspects of their play compared to us.

From my brief spell at Cambridge I know it is now a club on the up! It has taken a while for them to get to their status. There have been some really good guys behind the scenes working relentlessly towards the progression of the club, none so evident as Jez George who deserves all the plaudits given to him and the club. Well done lads and all the best for the future.

For our part we learn from the game and move on. Some young lads have had some invaluable experience so for that it was good.

In my opinion we need to be judged a lot further into pre-season. There are plenty of matches for us to improve in all aspects of the game, fitness,pressing, quality on the ball and quality off the ball. And of course getting more of our regular lads back into the fold.

For me plans are still well on course. Our three new lads all looked as good as we knew they would be. They have integrated tremendously straight away so for me the signs are positive. To get these boys with Muzza and the Bridges brothers, as well as Braths, Matt Nolan, Towns and Frates and maybe Adam Watkins is going to be exciting.

A couple of omissions from the original group. Spyros Mentis has decided to sign for AFC Dunstable and Danny May hasn’t come back so we are all assuming he has left the club!

Good luck to them both but as with everything life moves on. We need a squad of between 18-20 covering all eventualities. We’ll keep experimenting and trying certain lads at the same time giving regular boys valuable minutes to get fitness levels up.

And so the journey starts!!