Monday, July 15
Royston, Hertfordshire



The Crows were one of 7 clubs selected by author Jon Berry to feature in his new book, Project Restart, about football life post lockdown. Read on for more information on this new title.

It’s an embarrassing truth for many football fans that it was only when professional football was eventually forced to close down that we recognised Covid-19 as a genuine threat to our way of life. Maybe just as shameful was the fact that once lockdown became normalised, it didn’t take long for chatter to start about when the game might begin again. This book begins by charting what happened in the weeks leading up to that point, placing football in the context of furloughs, some new-found community awareness and dithering politicians. At the heart of the book are seven case studies of teams including ourselves, Royston Town. From Burnley in the Premier League, down through the divisions to grassroots football, Project Restart looks at the hopes and fears of supporters and the actions of those charged with keeping their beloved clubs afloat. It looks at how we almost adjusted to the eerie echo of games on TV with no crowds and finishes by trying to address the biggest question in town: what will football look like in a post-Covid future?

Click HERE to read a sample chapter from the book.



Project Restart by Jon Berry is published by Pitch Publishing and is available to purchase now at amazon, WHSmith, Waterstones and other booksellers – RRP £12.99