Thursday, July 18
Royston, Hertfordshire


Season’s Greetings

Hi and a belated Merry Christmas to one and all plus an early New Year greetings to everyone.

Been a while since the latest blog which has seen us recover with two great wins over North Greenford and St Ives.

Before then we had a low in proceedings by losing several games in a row. Could be here all day looking at the whys and wherefores of these losses and believe me, plenty of thought and sleepless nights spent trying to work out the 'slump' But at the end of the day very rarely does a season at a football club go smoothly. We as a group need to learn from these 'Silly' mistakes.

We all know we have the ability to succeed in this league, we need to take each game as it comes, not get too carried away with a victory, or too disappointed with a loss. There will be problems and there will be highs, as long as everyone stays together!!

The recent victories were completely contrasting,

Greenford. This could have been finished in the first twenty minutes with us being out of sight scoring several. It didn't work out this way, Greenford unbelievably scoring themselves and us being 1-0 down!! The lads showed great character in keeping the faith and eventually got their rewards. The critical amongst us would say we were a little fortunate to get back into the game but considering the rub of the green not going with us generally over the last few games ,I feel we were due a little bit of luck!

St Ives in my opinion could have gone the North Greenford path and to be honest it did take a penalty to get us back level but then from there on in we dominated! The front three deserve a special mention as does Spyros Mentis who were all excellent.

I'm hoping we have turned a corner now and to push on through a very tough January. The season has still got loads of twists and turns to go and bar Kettering all are beating each other. We need to get on a run, my target for the lads is to get to two points a game as quickly as possible! A big ask but if we can get there that would be brilliant. We are currently seven points away from that target, every win gets us nearer there.

Here's to a healthy and successful New Year to you all!