Wednesday, July 17
Royston, Hertfordshire


An Off Day

The highs and lows of the game!

What a weekend! A fantastic win and result on the Saturday followed by an extremly unexpected loss against near neighbours St Ives on the Monday. Baffled is my reaction to the latter result. Same team bar one last minute change, same formation, same preperation other than a long journey to contend with, so a nice home game, against beatable opponents. When it goes wrong it really is scratch your head time and look at ourselves to come up with an answer. We will have a small meet tonight at the Club, I want different views from not only the staff but views from the players. I would like to “Nip this in the bud” now!

What makes this so frustrating is that these “Off days” are at home, when we should be relaxed in impress a waiting crowd just waiting to cheer the guys on!

I, like so many others in football have encountered these scenarios before, is it mental, is it physical? We will discuss and see what we come up with.

On to our next match in Barwell away, not much to say about the opposition but we will try to find out as much as we can before the game. Hopefully we will have our unavailable players back. Chris Assombalonga is recovering from a slight hamstring pull, Joe Welch is getting very close to playing and Dan Brathwaite and James Potton with a little rest should be up for selection by Saturday, so choices to be made.

The week of a football Club is never dull!!