Sunday, April 14
Royston, Hertfordshire


Apologies to All

I have left this blog a full day before doing it because however hard these blogs are to do after a defeat. They need to be done with an element of “Control” because I don’t want to be saying anything I might regret later or anything that is too negative.

That said two days after our dismal performance I, like I’m sure all of you, am hurting, disappointed, angry that a team from Step 4 can knock us out of the FA Cup in such a way.

Firstly I do not want to take anything away from a very young AFC Sudbury team. On the day they were fantastic but I have to concentrate on our failings rather than the opposition.

We were quite simply “Awful” we couldn’t make a single pass to each other in the opposition’s half! We had no answer to their good movement and however we changed things to combat it, we never had a foothold in the match!

There’s no excuse from us but to apologise to EVERYONE involved with club. We have let you all down, from the Chairman to the board, to the supporters a big “Sorry” from us to you!!

Yes there were lads who haven’t played much before Saturday for various reasons and yes there were plenty of young lads in our line up that hadn’t experienced a FA Cup tie before but let’s not forget they were a group of kids also so we have to “As a team” take it on the chin!

I know, a very negative blog today but even leaving writing this a tad late it’s still hurting, as it is I’m sure for anyone caring about The Crows.

We are better than what we are showing this season. It needs to improve and quick.

Strong words but that’s all it is, we need to show everyone we are a force in whatever competition we are in.

My belief in the squad hasn’t diminished but they need to prove to all what good players they are!