Monday, July 22
Royston, Hertfordshire


Foot Off The Throttle!

3-0! Through to the next round! Happy days!


Why do we make such flipping hard work of it!!

A mystery I can’t solve! We have a team capable of great things! In this competition and beyond. They must know it.

There is quality oozing out of every part of our game but why oh why when we have teams at our mercy do we take the foot off the throttle and ease off!!

Both Chris and I love the boys to bits. We believe in ’em! Sometimes too much but they at times don’t match that belief!!

I find it so frustrating. I want us to take on a team and “batter ’em”

We can be that good. The lads should and will get so much satisfaction out of it and belief that they “Kick on”

It may sound like we are never satisfied but I suppose it’s our job but the difference for me is that these boys can achieve these heights. They really are that good!

Hopefully you guys don’t see this as a moan just an honest assessment of where we are.

Anyway onto next week. A home game against Halesowen. Not easy but hopefully a group of players brimming with confidence?

They should be!!