Monday, July 15
Royston, Hertfordshire


Let’s Bounce Back on Tuesday


A loss to report on unfortunately but considering the opponents and our lads missing it was a close affair with the League leaders pipping the tie, one where we pushed them all the way but were not effective enough in our final third to be a genuine threat!

A nice crowd to match the status of the game, arguably in my opinion amongst the two best teams in the league.

Our immediate job now though is to bounce back on Tuesday And get a positive result and get back on this campaign” On the front foot”

Nothing has changed for me. There are so many points to play for still that the League is wide open. Yes Kettering have made a great start but not only yesterday’s performance but subsequent matches where we have them watched they are a good team but beatable!

More for me to focus on ourselves. We are a talented group. On our day can compete with most non league teams! At times though we do not believe in ourselves enough! Why??

If we knew that we would obviously correct it! In my opinion it has to come from within. All the lads need to realise how good they are, especially in the final third and prove to everyone how good they can be!!

I’m mainly talking about our offensive play. In general yesterday our defensive quality was evident, but on getting the ball back we are looking to be more clinical and confident when trying to create and set up our attacking opportunities. Very frustrating because quite often it really is just small things, a sloppy pass, a weak cross, lack of communication, All avoidable and all our players are capable of correcting these things.

David Mooney pulled me after the game and explained that he had a word with the group after the game, saying to boys that we need to be less selfish in the final third and to on occasions move the ball on quickly to better options. I agree!

My philosophy is similar in as much as there has to be a positive end product when trying to create a goal scoring opportunity. For me we need to be more “Basic”

More shots, more crosses, safer passes. Everything on target or rather in the right area and trust others to also get in the right place to finish!

I know they all can do it, we’ll work on it in the coming weeks but as said I don’t believe it’s a talent issue it’s belief that they can do it against “Any” opposition!


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