Monday, April 15
Royston, Hertfordshire


Castle’s Reflections After Aylesbury Defeat

Once again, hello and welcome to my latest update on our start to the season.

Unfortunately I'm writing this after coming back from Aylesbury on the receiving end of a 1-0 loss. Most of you reading this will not have gone but please believe me it was probably one of the most unjust results I've ever been involved with!! We got punished by our lack of quality in front of goal. We had so much possession and totally dominated the play. Had it been a boxing match it would have been stopped on points!! But football being football, a very poor Aylesbury team had one real chance in the first half and scored from it!

We went into the second half believing that we could at the very least equalise but it wasn't to be. I'm not going to publicly slaughter anyone and I never will! All the lads tried their hardest to get a result. If we can keep the belief and carry on playing in the same manner we will be ok! With all due respect to the league it seems that there's unusual results happening frequently and bar Hanwell Town and Potters Bar most teams have been beaten at least once. I've always a believer that the league will sort itself out after 6-12 games. I really see us getting on a roll very soon.

From our perspective we have conceded 6 goals in the league already!! Not one of those has really been 'earned' by the opposition in my opinion. It has always been our 'Silly' mistakes! If we can cut these out there's enough quality amongst us to push forward and score plenty!

On that note we are hoping that soon we can have Craig Hammond back from suspension. I have to say the lad has shown great attitude and patience. Rob Mason is going into have his op hopefully on Friday. Knowing Rob how we do, once he gets it done I'm sure it won't be long before he's back into the reckoning. We may even have a surprise for you all over this weekend!!!

Here's to a long undefeated run and plenty of points coming the 'Crows' way!!