Tuesday, April 23
Royston, Hertfordshire


Positive Reaction Needed

A very disappointing night tonight with us losing our fantastic winning run against a more committed team in Kidlington.

Why? I have no idea. We set up in a very similar manner to our previous game, where we had scored 6 goals albeit conceding 4 but my thoughts were to keep it as near to the same with the players I had to choose from.

The game started scrappy from both teams but we in my opinion had the slight edge although giving the ball away far too often for my liking. The match continued in this vein until probably one of our only quality moves of the game resulted in Adam Watkins smashing us in front with a superb strike from the edge of the box. Great now to calm down, play football and show why we are the leaders of the league.

Unfortunately the lads didn’t do this. We conceded from a corner which put them level. We didn’t compete like I know we can and Kidlington grew in confidence, whilst we struggled to get back on top.

Half time and yes I chose to speak my mind. The lads have set very high standards this season and when they fall below them I feel it’s my job to remind them. Mistakes I can handle but lack of commitment I can’t!

I felt we did respond in the 2nd half. We got back to being on the front foot although still with very little quality shown.

We were gradually getting there when Gus went down with a bad ankle injury. A delay of several minutes didn’t do us any favours and any sort of momentum we were gathering got stalled a little. No blame apportioned to any of the subs coming on but the game became scrappy once more.

At this time I have to reflect and look at the bigger picture as objectively as possible. We can’t forget what an incredible winning run we have been on, missing three main players tonight in John Frendo, Adam Murray and Scott Bridges may have been a factor but if we react in as positive way possible after this then it will only be a blip in our title hopes.