Friday, June 21
Royston, Hertfordshire


Thoughts From Afar


A very unusual blog this week, where you guys are probably more informed regarding the game than me.

As you may be aware I was absent from yesterday’s match, starting a 3-match Stadium ban for the sending off I got at Stourbridge.

Certainly not ideal but in these situations a good Assistant is vital and I definitely have that in Chris. He should take the fact I leave him to make ALL decisions as a compliment.

So as said I’m only giving an outsider’s view of today’s match, a game that was always going to be tough, especially with our present situation but by all accounts we competed throughout, had a couple of opportunities but unfortunately got pipped by an unfortunate last minute goal!

I can’t comment on the game personally but what I do know is that all the group would have give their all.

Kings Lynn are a big spending club with some excellent players, we are having a tough time of things of late, the team has been unsettled by so many changes but as long as everyone stays together we will be fine.